Joe Breaux has created the wine programs at my three restaurants and my new event space in downtown Tulsa, and has continued to grow and change the lists over time to meet the demands of our clientele. These wine programs differ greatly, as my restaurants include a community driven new American style concept, an upscale modern steakhouse, and an urban Italian bistro. His knowledge of wine, and more importantly, his ability to connect and learn from wine makers and vintners and then pass along this knowledge to my staff has been paramount to my businesses’ successful beverage programs. His creativity with regard to specialty cocktails has also driven sales at my businesses and helped to drive down overall liquor costs. Joe’s ability to analyze our inventory, cost of goods, sales and product movement is perhaps the most valuable of his abilities. Within seconds of receiving reports from Joe, I can easily understand where we are with regard to our beverage program. It is this clear and direct form of communication that allows me to make better decisions as an owner.
If BevWorks were just a company that provided great analysis of a beverage program and implementation and training of wine knowledge and cocktails, it would earn my money monthly without hesitation. Joe has meant so much more to my businesses and me thus far. He has a creative and logical mind that has the ability to see how best to move a company forward. His work ethic is enviable and his focus on attaining goals is unwavering. Many times we have discussed growth of the business and looking toward the future. This planning to succeed is a quality not many possess. I have considered him a great confidant, a trusted colleague and a life-long friend. Any restaurant, bar or other food & beverage establishment would be fortunate and wise to hire BevWorks.
— Justin Thompson, Chef/Proprietor Justin Thompson Restaurants
Unprecedented – again! For the second time in a row, the Wine Experience established a new record. While the final numbers aren’t in just yet, we certainly surpassed $2.5MM. Just incredible.

Joe, I cannot thank you enough for all your help, guidance, creativity, thoughtfulness, expertise, and positivity during the entirety of the development and execution of this event. You were an invaluable participant and I’m deeply grateful for your involvement. Thank you for making Philbrook a stronger organization.
— Rand Suffolk, Director Philbrook Museum of Art
It is without hesitation that I can recommend Joe Breaux for any position related to the food and or wine service industry. My first interface with Joe was a dozen years ago working together at an independent family-owned fine dining establishment. His service skills and product knowledge were impeccable. Joe continued developing his business skills while becoming an accomplished sommelier at Flemings Prime Steakhouse. Most recently, I’ve worked closely with Joe as Director of Beverage at the Justin Thompson Group of Restaurant as well as several charities he has leadership roles with
— John Burdge, State Sales Manager D&E Fine Wine Group
I always found Miranda to be conscientious and pleasant to work with. She was diligent in completing all of the assignments. She is extremely proficient. I would recommend her for any position and would recommend her abilities to complete any task you may need.
— Brad Scott, Revenue Accounting Supervisor Kaiser Francis Oil Company
I have known Joe the past seven years in various leadership roles and capacities. There are many attributes which stand out about Joe, but what are most prevalent and laudable are his passion, professionalism and dedication to excellence in hospitality leadership, service and management. While Joe was assisting various owners and investors plan, build and manage a variety of high end restaurant concepts successfully all over the Tulsa, Oklahoma market, he also proved to be an engaging and committed student and ambassador of the world of beverage. Never one to dismiss a challenge, Joe’s professional journey found him delving deeper into wines, craft beers and spirits, well beyond the norm of his peers and competitors. And this passion exceeded the expectations of everyone, as it translated to excellence in hiring, training, managing, innovating and marketing the highest profile restaurants in Tulsa beyond measure. For this reason he is a natural talent exhibiting a superior standard of the knowledge, skills and behaviors required to meet the constant personality and operational challenges of our industry. Also highly evident was his knack for creative problem solving and his ability to express his ideas and concepts in clear and concise terms.
— Philippe Garmy, MS Clinical Faculty Director, Wine Forum of Oklahoma
I have had the opportunity to work with Joe Breaux for the past 10 years and I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent resource he has been to me and my company. I have worked with Joe as a wine and beverage professional at Bodean, Flemings, Brasserie, Juniper, Prhyme, and Tavolo. Together we have established several wine programs, developed wine lists, hosted events, provided education, and conducted trade tastings. I have had the privilege of participating in several key wine events with Joe including the Philbrook Wine Experience and Wine and Roses. The cooperation and collaboration that Joe brought everyday was recognized by his counterparts and always greatly appreciated. The atmosphere resulted in a truly enjoyable event for everyone involved. Joe is one of the most professional and productive people I have worked with and he will be an absolute asset to those fortunate enough to be associated in his future endeavor.
— John Williams, Premium Brands OK