whether you are building from the ground up with a new concept or wanting a fresh take on your current offerings we work with you to develop, not just a list, but a whole program. 

Wine, Beer, & Cocktails 

Deciding on the right product for your concept is more than picking favorites.  Crafting a beverage menu that connects your staff and your guests to your concept is our specialty.  We consider price point, demographics, concept theme, available capital, competitors, and the abilities of your staff in developing a mix of beverages that is right for you.

Competitive Advantage

Whether you’re competing with a popular local restaurant or up against a corporate chain, there is a place for you to find an advantage.  We’ll help identify your strengths and opportunities to put your beverage program and concept in a place to succeed.


We help you develop management tools and processes that will bring increased efficiency and profitability to your beverage program.  Management services are available as a one-time service or on a retainer basis.

Inventory & End of Month Reporting 

The backbone of managing your product is knowing what you have and how much of it is selling.  A company’s inventory is one of its largest assets and we understand the importance of protecting that asset.  Inventory reconciliation is one of the keys to managing your inventory by comparing physical inventory to written inventory records.  We develop processes, procedures, and forms to help manage your inventory and beverage sales.  Timely and accurate monthly profit & loss statements enable you to measure the success and challenges of your beverage program.

Pricing & Cost Analysis 

Pricing is so important both in guest perception and in profitability.  The mobile internet has made consumers savvier than ever with “retail” prices just a pic and a click away.  We’ll identify key drivers to deliver value to your guests and margin to your bottom line.  We can define a cost structure that becomes a competitive advantage.

Product Analysis

Beyond tracking overall beverage sales, we track exactly which items are selling.  Analyzing each item’s category, cost, and price gives direction in future changes to promote increased sales and profitability.  Finding common threads in top sellers forms the core identity of your beverage program.  With this knowledge, you can market more products that appeal to your guests. 


“Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile”  


We are all enriched by knowledge and your business will be enriched by increasing the knowledge of your staff.  We help to empower your staff with knowledge and stories behind the product that connect them, and your guests, to the product they’re selling.  A staff connected to the product is more motivated to talk about that product to your guests.  When guests are more connected to your product they’ll see more value in that product. 


Consistency is paramount in meeting and exceeding expectations.  Procedures provide structure to maintain that consistency.  Training management and staff to accurately price, track and record inventory as well as guiding them to maximize their POS system will create more efficient and organized program.  Procedures make managing time and product easier and more effective.


Whether you need assistance with selecting a few wines for your big day or you need pairings for a 7 course dinner, we can assist you in selecting wines that both satisfy your guests while being considerate of your budget.  Services for events include:

  • Special Event Dinners  
  • Wine Tastings
  • Dinner / Wine Tasting Combo
  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Weddings
  • Charity Events